Why Don’t The Rules Matter to TJ Cole?

Who is TJ Cole?

He is a candidate for Senate District 23.  He is also a magistrate, and supposed to be someone who understands the rule of law and the importance of rules.

Yet, he clearly has a BLATANT DISREGARD for the rules.

Mr. Cole describes himself as a “Judge by trade but also practice law, been a reserve police officer…”, so why is TJ Cole breaking the rules when it comes to legal and fair campaigning?

Our guess is that he thinks the rules just don’t apply to him.


What’s a good example of TJ’s disregard for the rules?  Mr. Cole has been placing signs all over Senate District 23 illegally, a clear indicator of his questionable campaign practices during his run for Senate District 23.

His campaign signs are regularly placed illegally in locations all over Senate District 23, from illegal placement along I-25 to illegal placement on private property and public right of ways across the district.  To implement this strategy, Mr. Cole and his team intentionally place his signs late on Friday evenings, knowing that code compliance officers of the cities are not on duty to take them down or call the campaign for removal.

“This has been happening with Mr. Cole for the entire campaign.” states Rick Fernandez, Chairman of the Broomfield Republican Party.  “It is a well known fact that Mr. Cole has been made aware of the local ordinances and rules for signs in the City and County of Broomfield, yet his signs pop up at these times in a way to avert the rules.  It’s dishonest at best, and a violation of law at worst.  Mr. Cole should play by the rules that all candidates are following during the election.”

“As Republicans, we follow the rules, respect private property, and our candidates only place their literature and signs where allowed by state statue and city ordinances.” concludes Mr. Fernandez.

Sign violations seem to be a very small issue in this election cycle.  However, when a prominent Presidential Candidate from Mr. Cole’s party is again being investigated by the FBI, Mr. Cole’s disregard for these ordinances is just is another example of the “rules don’t apply to me” attitude of the Democrat party.

If TJ Cole is a Judge, practices law, and has been a reserve police officer, wouldn’t you think he would know the importance of abiding by and follow the rules?  This seems to be lost on Mr. Cole.  If he is willing skirt the rules now as a candidate, just what do you think he will do if he’s elected as a State Senator to the Colorado General Assembly.

US Congressman J.C Watts once stated, “Character is doing the right thing when nobody is looking.” We wonder if Mr. Cole can say he is a man of character?

We can’t trust Mr. Cole to follow the rules.