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DAY 1 (Posted 09Nov2012 – by Lou Leone)

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once wrote, “Look not mournfully into the past, it comes not back again. Wisely improve the present, it is thine. Go forth to meet the shadowy future without fear and with a manly heart.”

As I watched many of my friends succumb to grief and disgust over the results of this past election, my mind turned to something my father said to me many years ago. As he was watching the results of the 1980 election, I had asked him who he hoped would win. He turned to me and said, “Lou, regardless of who wins, I still have to get up and go to work in the morning.” How right he was. For Election night may not have ended the way we wanted, it also marks the moment we start working towards the next election.
The best way to build a house is on a good foundation. As much as you may like to start further along the process, the foundation is what matters the most. As republicans, we need to build a good foundation for the next election. We start by laying the ground work by reaching out to the unaffiliated voter. We can’t assume that they are all democrats. Abraham Lincoln had once said, “I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends.” If we approach the unaffiliated voter with good, sound logic and an open hand, we can and will bring them into the party. If you don’t think so, remember that Ronald Reagan started out as a democrat. We also cannot forget about the local elections. We need to continue to work hard to elect good Republican candidates into office at the city and state levels. It is not over. Day 1 starts today.




 Dave Walden

23 January, 2012

Nature’s Dragon


In the fifth decade of the 20th century during the development of the Atomic bomb, scientists at Los Alamos conducted an on-going series of sobering experiments. These experiments were necessary in order to determine the unknown amounts/configurations of material necessary to produce a critical mass (Pile) of Uranium 235 or Plutonium 239.  The experiments were described by the scientists conducting them as “tickling the dragon’s tail.”

This description was coined because the “dragon,” the potentially fissionable mass of uranium or plutonium, was to remain “asleep” while gently being nudged from its slumber toward “criticality.”  As long as it remained at rest, seemingly undisturbed, it would give no indication of its potential fury.  The only indication of its vast power within, a slight warmth to the touch, as it rested, seemingly dormant.

The experiments were intended to determine the parameters necessary to awaken it.

As these experimental procedures were conducted, almost exclusively by a lone scientist sitting at a table in an otherwise almost barren room, a point would be reached wherein the dragon would begin to stir.  Instruments would register its’ awakening – however slight.  Measurements would then be recorded and the process ended.  A new series of steps would then begin.


Once the dragon had begun to initially stir, as long as the process was prudently terminated, the entire series of experiments were safe to the scientists conducting them.  They were also safe for those working in conjunction with these scientists – both near and far.

Alas, as is the case with all human endeavors, accidents can occur.  In the first of these accidents, a block of tungsten carbide alloy unexpectedly slipped from the hand of the scientist conducting the experiment.  Until this point he had been otherwise prudently tickling said dragon.

Though the dragon stretched and never fully awakened, its tail did unexpectedly wag.  As it did, it dealt a massive dose of radiation to the scientist rousing it.  It also supplied high, though less severe doses of radiation to those who might be within the radius of its awesome tail.

The scientist, Harry Daghlian Jr., recognizing he was staring into the face of death, promptly thrust aside the fallen block of tungsten carbide he was using to tickle the dragon, thus coaxing it back to sleep.  Had it fully awakened, in the few millionths of a second it would have taken to have done so, it would have killed everyone within the sphere of its power – perhaps miles.  In this instance it was fatal only to Harry. Horrifically, it took poor Harry an agonizing twenty-six days to die from the dragon’s inadvertent rousing.

Such can be the price for an otherwise honest and simple error.  The price for an intentional and more complex one however, will be just as fatal to some, but far, far, more widespread to those of us who remain “afar.”

Human Nature’s Dragon

Earlier, in but the second decade of the 20th century, our country had begun a different series of experiments.  These experiments might be described as the tickling of quite another dragon’s tail.  This particular dragon arises through the relentless machinations of human nature, not directly through nature herself.

This dragon’s Elemental mass is not Uranium 235 or Plutonium 239, but far more fragile.  Its potential power nonetheless is almost limitless.

Friedrich Hayek went to great lengths to describe it and termed its “enablers,” one of the unremorseful aspects of human beings, The Fatal Conceit.  Its actual embodiment, brought into existence by its initial “handlers,” is recounted in G. Edward Griffin’s “The Creature from Jekyll Island.”

The raw materials for this dragon begin with the all too abundant human Elements of Arrogance 57, and Conceit 88.  When combined with humanity’s universal Element-of-pursuit, Money 101, and its corollary, Power 202, they create the alloy containing and nourishing a potentially critical mass (Pile) of said money 101.

The appointed handlers of this dragon predictably had to reject the more stable and naturally-occurring Elements of money, Ag47 (silver) and Au79 (gold), in favor of a far more volatile Element.  This “substitute” Element now permeates all aspects of said dragon.  Unlike silver and gold which come laboriously from the ground, it instead comes from trees.  I have designated it in “Dave’s periodic table-of-human-follies” as Pain1, where Pa is paper, In is ink – with 1 designating the first isotope of an otherwise unlimited variation of said element, this isotope being called “dollars.”

Using this element, the final construction of this monetary Pile of Pain1 was thus instituted via 25 regional branch banks under the purview of 12 district banks, led by a Board of 7 Governors, headed by the Chairman of the entire organization.  The Chairman and a limited number of the 7 Governors are appointed by their Handler-in-Chief, the President.  The remainder is groomed and appointed as deemed expedient by the organization’s leadership.

This leadership of economists/bankers number less than 200 properly-educated, similarly-trained, duly-approved, administrators.  Each, touting the catechism of Keynesian true-believers, these economic and banking alchemists, preach dogma using econo-speak, as they manipulate their dragon’s nervous system.

It is also the nervous system of our entire economy.


This nervous system responds to the money with which we each conduct almost all of our affairs.  Mathematically, money is simply the common denominator against which the endless unique numerators of human life, together with almost all of the fractional values of human existence, are measured.

It is also an absolutely essential, though potentially fissile material, whereby the productive power of Man’s mind is rewarded and given additional power to further create – yet not necessarily immediately produce; further granting him the power to passively consume & enjoy – to a point, yet allowing him not to be fearful while he does so.  Each of these capacities, made possible by stable money, is normally confined within strict and “objectively” determinable limits.

Today’s money, this product of Man’s experiments, is but an imposter of money – not Elemental money itself.  This potentially critical imposter goes hand-in-hand with the unrelenting efforts of some amongst us to pursue the ruinously insatiable goal of getting something-for-nothing.  In so doing, these experiments allow for the replacing of the above “objectively determinable limits,” with subjectively desired limits.

Experimenting with Pain1, much as did poor Harry with Pu239, its handlers sit at tables in which they are fed an array of technical data/information, ostensibly to monitor the dragon’s metabolism.  Its health is thought to be reflected by economic growth and stability.  In response to said data they tweak its nervous system by adjusting the parameters of the Pile’s “critical mass,” while trying to assure that the dragon does not inadvertently and destructively stir.

There is however, another important “monitor.” Though not providing economic data, it nonetheless provides the most-crucial of information.  It provides political datum.  It is the feedback loop of obvious and subtle desires, goals, admonitions, prescriptions, and directions, which arise from the ultimate authority over this potentially critical mass.  That authority emanates from the politicians to whom the alchemists must answer.  For these politicians harbor the strongest of desires to attain apocalyptical amounts of Money 101 and Power 202.

As was the case at Los Alamos, experimental accidents invariably occur.

Following creation of the dragon in the second decade of the 20th century, the experiment promptly got out of control in the third decade.  The dragon stirred with fearsome results.  In response, the economic alchemists conducting said experiments, because of the limitations imposed by the Element Au79, immediately had to reverse course.  While runaway “criticality” did not occur, the experiment nonetheless was financially fatal to many near and far. This “accident” has subsequently been termed The Great Depression.

Having enabled said accident to occur in the first place, the alchemists and their political handlers again, in the fourth decade, resumed their experiments.

The experiment was fundamentally altered however.

It was decided that Au79, one of the Constitutional foundations of our money, must become a “controlled substance.”  It should be made available to only selected handlers.  Those not so chosen must thereafter use only its replacement.  A replacement not mined, refined, machined and finally stamped as gold or silver, but one forged of paper and ink.  Since paper money requires no labor to exist, it can be used to reward people who perform no labor.

During the fourth decade these rewards began to grow in earnest.

In the seventh decade the malignant Pile was now growing at an unprecedented rate.  This was necessary to fund new social experiments by the handlers.  Two of the prominent ones were termed “The Great Society” and “Guns & Butter.”  A mere 6 years following the abandonment of Ag47 (1965),and almost immediately following “Nixon the Alpha’seighth decade severing of the small remaining link with Au79 (1971), the growing Pile of Pain1 was now freed from whatever its remaining constraints.

In response, the dragon began to stir from slumber in an alarmingly short period of time.  Only after a new leader of the alchemists, Paul Volker, with the approval and support of the Chief Handler at the time, Reagan the Delta, was the dragon again coaxed into slumber early in the ninth decade.  Though there was widespread financial damage and destruction, again the dragon never fully awakened.

Now, in the first decade of the 21st century, unconstrained from its remaining ties to Au79 and Ag47, the Pile has grown to gargantuan proportions – reaching truly staggering enormity following the near-meltdown beginning in 2007.

This nearly 100 year old ever-expanding Pile of Pain1 has made possible the seeming fulfillment of the insatiable desires of almost everyone involved.

–         It has funded all manner of military development and subsequent actions, wherein offense has been substituted for defense – compulsion and destruction for minding our own business.

–         It has funded the ever-growing expense and debt of the welfare state wherein the less productive/prudent are provided values taken from the more productive/prudent.

–         It has repeatedly enabled the purchase of ever-larger numbers of votes from the ignorant jackasses at the expense of those who know better, and of course from the ignorant or corrupt pachyderms who should know better.

 In summary it has enabled all manner of parasitic institutions/industries to flourish.  Specifically, the growth of “the connected” – in whatever capacity they may arise. The compliance industry, malignant finance, the legal & education establishments, together with endless Departments, Bureaus, Committees, Boards, etc., public and private, currently culminating with the latest cadre of Czars, so popularized by Barrack the Omega.

 Most importantly, it has bought “protection” for the experimental alchemists.  They enjoy security that they could not easily attain in the marketplace except through responsibly providing secure value to their customers, said customers placing in their trust their own hard-earned constitutionally-mandated gold and silver based money.  This “protection” has led to the alchemists’ immediate beneficiaries of this experimentation now being deemed too big to fail.  It has also alerted their potential beneficiaries, who, lacking adequate size, are now focused on becoming too connected to fail.

Inescapable Consequences

As long as the Chief Handler and his minions remain contented, the Chief Alchemist and his apprentices will carefully keep tickling their dragon of money and credit. Under the guise of learned wisdom, their alchemy will continue to be welcomed and thought needed.

This is given justification because their hoard of Arrogance 57 and Conceit 88, as they pursue Money 101 & Power 202, lead them to believe that if the ignorant were to be left to their otherwise impotent selves, there might occur unnecessary “suffering” from such ignorance.

What they are also beginning to sense is that we ignorant serfs might accidentally rediscover that which they most fear.  The knowledge that they in fact cannot possibly know what is best in such matters; that only free individuals can safely and responsibly “tickle” their own relatively small “pet” dragon(s).

Finally, in their economic catechism of inspired arrogance, they have begun to grimly sense that their experiments are relentlessly approaching criticality.  In response to this awareness, they have taken steps in their personal lives in preparation for the day when further tickling causes their dragon to actually “go critical” and awaken.  In the meantime they incessantly prescribe what is best, proclaiming not to worry to all who listen.

Game Over

When it finally does so, with a speed proportional to that which nature’s dragon roars to life – some few millionths of a second, so too will be the seeming speed of the awakening of Man’s dragon.  The unleashing of its power will be over in the seeming blinking of an eye.  Those who in whatever manner are in economic proximity, near or far  to this gone-critical mass of Pain1, will be dealt a harsh dose of economic radiation – fatal to some, injurious to all.

As I conclude this, the 23rd of January, early in the second year of the second decade of the 21st century, the Chinese New Year begins.  Ironically, it is called by the Chinese the year of the dragon.

Dragon indeed……..