2013 Election Candidates

The Broomfield County Republicans are proud to support the following candidates in the 2013 Municiple Elections:


Randy Ahrens – Mayoral Candidate



Randy Ahrens is a Broomfield native with a proven history of service, success , providing sustainable financial responsibility, and giving in Broomfield.  Randy previously served on the Broomfield City Council and as Mayor Pro-Tem.  Randy championed Zero Based Budgeting  for the City of Broomfield.

As mayor, Randy’s mission will be “To Provide the citizens of Broomfield with thoughtful representation to assure efficient, effective and financially responsible local government and to sustain and enhance the quality of life attributes of our community. ”


Greg Stokes – Ward 4 (incumbent, current Mayor Pro-Tem)


Greg Stokes is currently serving Ward 4 and running for re-election.  Greg’s philosophy on local government is that “Government should not aspire to be all things to all people.  Government should do the things it does do extremely well and at the lowest appropriate cost to taxpayers.  Elected office should not be a career, but a community involvement opportunity.  Local government allows citizens to be closer to the decisions and have more direct and timely input  into those decisions that affect quality of life, individual rights and property values.  It is important for council members to be involved in the community through schools, city boards and commissions, non-profit organizations and by remaining accessible and visible.  By staying active locally, council members will get the important community input to help determine how Broomfield will differentiate itself from surrounding communities.”


MarthaDerdaMartha Derda – Ward 5 (incumbent)

Martha Derda is currently serving Ward 5 and running for re-election (unopposed).

Martha’s approach to City Council is “Local government should serve the people. It should manage growth wisely, be fiscally responsible and be sustainable in its considerations. Council members should work with the people they represent and be transparent. Our economy right now is a priority and we should follow the Comprehensive Master Plan and its long-range financial plan. We need to assist with Economic Development and stimulate it to maintain the quality of life we all enjoy.”




Liz Law-Evans – Ward 1


Liz Law-Evans is running for the open seat in Ward 1.  Liz was born and raised here in Broomfield, and she is passionate about giving back to her hometown with whatever gifts and talents she has.  Liz would like to serve as your council representative to help keep Broomfield the very special place that it is.



LeoneLou Leone – Ward 2


Lou Leone is running for the open seat in Ward 2.  Lou, his wife Andrea, and his children Nicholas and Grace moved to Broomfield for its diverse group of citizens, businesses and wonderful scenery.   Lou’s philosophy on city government is that “Serving on City Council, like all political offices, should be about helping people, as well as exchanging ideas about the community in which we live.  This is something I not only believe in but also practiced on a daily basis when I led the board of directors for a community of 877 homes.”



ChervenakRichard (Dick) A. Chervenak – Ward 3

Richard Chervenak is running for City Council in Ward 3.  Richard is on the board of the Northwest Denver Economic Development Partnership.  Richard is also a Broomfield Chamber of Commerce Member and has been involved with the Broomfield Community Foundation.  Richard is candidate for Ward 3 because “I feel like I have the time, energy, and financial expertise to give back to the City of Broomfield by serving on City Council.  I have never run for office before, and I am not very political.  I believe both of these are positives.”