County Party Leadership

Officers & Elected Officials

Sheryl Fernandez, Chairwoman
Sheryl is responsible for all Broomfield County Republican Party operations, and works with BCRC Central Committee to define the goals, objectives, and direction of the Broomfield Republican Party.

Sue Saad, 1st Vice-Chairman
Sue is an experienced officer with the Broomfield Republicans. Sue previously served as the county party Secretary from 2015-2017. Sue is responsible for grassroots outreach and messaging for the Broomfield County Republicans.

Jan Bilsborrow, 2nd Vice Chairman
Jan joins the Broomfield Republicans leadership team, bringing a great background in education administration. Jan is responsible for crafting the Broomfield Republicans strategic approach for furthering the reach of the party within the Broomfield area.

Chuck Hastings, Secretary
Chuck is responsible for all records and reporting as well as credentialing at each event and meeting. Chuck previously served as the Broomfield Republicans Treasurer from 2008 to 2014.

Chuck Reilly, Treasurer
Chuck is responsible for the book keeping and Secretary of State financial TRACER filings for the Broomfield County Republicans. Chuck has served as the county party secretary since 2014.

Karen Nelson, President Broomfield Republican Women, Bonus Member

Rick Fernandez, Bonus Member
Rick is the former Chairman of the Broomfield County Republicans, and is currently serving as a Bonus Member for the BCRC.

- OPEN - District Captain - District A

- OPEN - District Captain - District B

Wynn Eberhard, District Captain - District C

- OPEN - District Captain - District D

- OPEN - District Captain - District E