County Caucus 2018 – What is Caucus?

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What is Caucus?

In Colorado, the process of nominating candidates for elective office begins with precinct caucuses organized by the major political parties.  Precinct caucuses are local neighborhood meetings of registered voters held every general election year.

For 2018, the Broomfield County Republicans will select Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs), elect delegates to the Broomfield Republicans County assembly, and elect delegates to the Higher Assemblies and State Assembly where the Republican Primary Candidates for US Congressional District 2, House District 33, and State-level offices, including Colorado Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, and State Treasurer are selected.

When is the 2018 Caucus?

The Broomfield County Republican Caucus will take place on Tuesday, March 6th, 2018 from 7PM to 9PM at Broomfield Heights Middle School, 1555 Daphne Street in Broomfield.

What happens on Caucus Night?

On the night of the Broomfield County Republican Caucus, the following meetings will be held:

  • The main tent meeting is conducted to kick off the Precinct Caucus meeting and Delegate Group meeting events.

The main tent meeting is conducted by the Republican County Chairman to introduce the attendees to the precinct caucus and delegate group meetings, including a summary of instructions for the meetings provided at that time.

The main tent meeting also provides attendees with the opportunity to hear from elected officials and candidates for various state offices including house district, congressional district, state treasurer, state attorney general, or governor).

  • Precinct Caucus Meetings are held for each of the county precincts.

In the precinct caucus meetings, Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs) are selected for each precinct, and the Delegates and Alternates to represent the Precinct at the Broomfield Republicans County Assembly and Delegate Group Meetings are elected.

Each precinct caucus meeting is held in a designated room for the precinct, which will be indicated to each attendee upon check-in for caucus.

Two Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs) are selected by each Precinct, and are voting members of the Broomfield Republicans Central Committee, as well as Precinct coordinators for get out the vote and election activities.

Precinct Delegates and Alternates are also elected at each Precinct Caucus Meeting that will vote at the Delegate Group Meetings the same night of the Caucus AND Broomfield Republican County Assembly on March 22nd, 2018.  The number of Delegates and Alternates for each Precinct are determined based a proportion of total number of votes cast in that precinct in the 2016 Presidential Election.

  • Delegate Group Meetings are held the same night as Caucus to elect Delegates and Alternates to the 2018 Higher Assemblies and 2018 State Assembly.

The Delegates and Alternates elected in the Precinct Caucus Meetings will attend the Delegate Group Meetings immediately following the Precinct Committee meetings on March 6th, with the opportunity to be elected to attend and represent Broomfield County at the Higher Assemblies and State Assembly to vote on and select the 2018 Primary Candidates for elected offices.

At the Delegate Group Meetings,  the County Delegates and Alternates elected at the Precinct Caucus Meetings can be nominated and elected to the 2018 Higher Assemblies, and 2018 State Assembly.

Delegates and Alternates will be provided the opportunity to state why the should be elected as a Higher Assembly and State Assembly Delegate, including indicating who they support of various offices including the Republican candidate for Colorado Governor.

Delegates chosen in the Delegate Group Meetings are required to attend the Broomfield County Assembly, Higher Assemblies (CD2 and HD33), and State Assembly to designate partisan candidates to the primary election ballot for U.S. Congress, the state legislature, and other district and county offices.  Delegates elected in the Delegate Group Meetings to the Colorado Republican State Assembly will also vote on political party platforms and other State Party party business.

Are there fees to attend the Caucus, Assemblies, or State Convention?

There are no fees to attend the Broomfield Republican County Caucus.  There are fees for Delegates and Alternates elected to the Broomfield County Assembly, Higher Assemblies, and State Assembly.  These fees are assessed primarily to cover the costs of the various Assemblies and State Convention.  The fees for the Assemblies and Convention are provided below (subject to change):

Please note that Assembly and Convention fees are due no later than 10 days before the Broomfield County Assembly on March 22nd, 2018.   Fees are payable to the Broomfield Republican Party.

Fees are non-refundable, regardless of your participation or non-participation in any of the Assemblies or Conventions.


  Applicable Assembly or Convention

  $15.00   Delegate to County Assembly
  $15.00   Alternate to County Assembly
  $75.00   Delegate to State Convention
  $60.00   Alternate to State Convention
  TBD   Student under 16 to State Convention
  $5.00   Delegate to Multi County Assemblies (CD2, HD33)

* Fees are subject to change.