County Caucus 2016 – Resolutions


REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Click here to register for the 2016 Broomfield Republican Caucus.


Online Resolution submissions is now open.  Resolutions can be submitted online here through March 12th, 2016.

What are Resolutions?

Resolutions provide the means by which registered Republicans can influence the State and National Party platform.

This begins as part of the proceedings surrounding the County Caucus process.  Under the Caucus process, Republicans that are registered in Broomfield County may submit one or more resolutions, where those resolutions may be voted on at the Broomfield Republicans County Assembly.

Please note that resolutions are not reviewed or voted on at the Broomfield County Caucus event.  Resolutions will be voted upon by the Delegates to the County Assembly on March 21, 2016.

What are the Rules for Submitting Resolutions?

The Broomfield County Republicans Executive Committee previously approved the following rules that will govern the submission of Resolutions.  These rules are subject to change prior to to the 2016 Broomfield County Caucus and Assembly.

1)      Any resolution submitted at the Caucus, or until the stated deadline for submission, should be relevant for consideration at both County and State Assemblies/Conventions and must:

a)      Be limited to no more than 200 words

b)      Include name, precinct number, phone number, and email address. This is required in the event that the Resolutions Committee needs clarification

2)      All resolutions shall be submitted in electronic form only.  Resolutions shall be submitted via the Broomfield GOP website.

3)      Resolutions must be submitted via the Broomfield GOP website no later than 11:59pm on March 12, 2016.

4)      Any resolution not meeting the above criteria or the deadline will not be considered at the County Assembly

5)      On Caucus night, resolutions are ONLY to be submitted. No discussions will be held at the Caucus meetings or in the Multi-Precinct Group meetings. No voting on resolutions will occur.

6)      The following rules govern the Resolution Committee:

a)      Only resolutions that meet the above criteria will be considered by the Resolutions Committee

b)      The Resolutions Committee reserves the right to collate, group, and/or combine similar or like Resolutions into a single Resolution

c)       The Resolution Committee reserves the right to assign a ”category” if one is not provided, or reassign a “category”

d)      The Resolutions Committee may change or eliminate offensive language and correct spelling and grammar errors

7)      Voting procedures shall conform to the general rules of the County Assembly to be held on March 21, 2016. The method of voting on resolutions at the County Assembly shall be at the discretion of the Resolutions Committee and/or the Chairman.

When and where can I Submit a Resolution?

The timeframe for submitting resolutions to the Broomfield County Republicans will be between February 26th, 2016 and March 12th, 2016.  Resolutions may be submitted by clicking here.

As noted in the rules above, resolutions will only be accepted in electronic form through the Broomfield GOP website.

If you have questions regarding the resolution process, please contact us at