We Don’t Need More of the Same

This Year, We Don’t Need More of the Same

For Immediate Release, September 14th, 2016, Broomfield Colorado

As the voters of Broomfield, Superior, and Erie evaluate their options of who will represent us next year in the Colorado State House of Representatives, the choice is very clear.

Voters will have the choice between “more of the same” from the democrat candidate, or for real change with Karen Nelson, who is dedicated to help Coloradans and being a true voice for all of House District 33.

Voters can choose a candidate endorsed by our current representative for more of the same “progressive values”(1) that have stripped our constitutional rights and dramatically increased the government regulations and expenses in the last four years.


Karen Nelson, Your Choice for House District 33

Or, voters can ch
oose Karen Nelson, who has seen first-hand how our elected representation has failed to help Coloradans, and is dedicated to changing that direction.

Voters can select a candidate who has been funded by more of the same special interest money, including anti-second amendment CeaseFire PAC, environmental and anti-job Conservation Colorado, and big unions support from the AFL-CIO and the teachers unio

ns(1) that are more interested in their union dues than educating our kids.

Or, voters can choose Karen Nelson, who will prioritize the needs of Broomfield, Erie, and Superior to ensure that Colorado is best positioned to improve our state’s transportation, encourage the growth of quality jobs, and remove burdensome regulations that stifle our economy.

The choice is clear.  We don’t need to elect someone who is just more of the same this November.

On November 8th, we urge you to vote for Karen Nelson for House District 33

Now is the time for us to elect real change that will help Coloradans.

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(1) Source – www.matthewgray.us/testimonials

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