2016 Broomfield Republican Assembly – Approved Resolutions

On March 21st, 2016, the Broomfield Republican County Assembly was convened at the Broomfield Auditorium.  Those Delegates and Alternates that were elected at the March 1st Broomfield Republican County Caucus AND that attended the Broomfield Republican County Assembly on March 21st, 2016 were credentialed and seated to participate at the Broomfield Republican County Assembly.

The County Delegates that attended, were credentialed, and seated to the 2016 Broomfield Republican County Assembly voted on and approved several resolutions by a 2/3 majority.

The following resolutions were approved by the Broomfield Republicans Assembly.  Please note that these resolutions have been submitted to the State Republican Party Resolution Committee for consideration to be voted on at the Colorado Republican State Party Convention on April 9th, 2016.

Citizenship Immigration – All borders must be secure from illegal crossings by persons or materials (including drugs) before any conversation can begin about easing citizenship laws or easing of restrictions on citizenship acceptance.

Constitution – The Constitution must be followed, as written.

Constitution – It is resolved that Colorado Republicans support an Article V Convention of States for proposing amendments to the United States Constitution that impose fiscal restraints on the federal government, limit the jurisdiction of the federal government and limit the terms of office for its officials and for member of congress.

Constitution – The Republican Party pledges to uphold and defend every amendment in the Bill of Rights, and not support policies, laws, candidates, or officials that would seek to undermine any of the limits on governmental power that are guaranteed by those amendments.

Fiscal responsibility – Push for a balanced budget law/amendment

Fiscal responsibility The Republican Party believes that the $19 trillion national debt is one of the biggest crises facing our country. Resolute action and leadership, through choices that may prove unpopular with many constituencies, is required to reduce both domestic *and* defense spending in a serious, concerted effort to reduce the national debt, and thereby keep our nation from continuing down a path toward financial ruin.

Foreign policy – Peace through strength is the main point to begin a pathway toward a more peaceful world. ISIS/Daesh/Al Qaeda must be our top priority militarily. Iran and North Korean nuclear capabilities must be pressed to a stoppage, and disarmed.

Health Care / ObamaCare – Repeal/replace the ACA.

Life issues – Resolved, that the Republican Party keep the pro-life plank in the national platform

Life issues – The Republican Party believes that the right to life of every individual human being, from conception to natural death, is the most basic and fundamental of all human rights, and accordingly should be protected by law, superseding all other competing rights.

Regulations – Existing EPA regulations must be proven to be needed by science. Other regulations from the EPA must be stopped. EPA must be held to a higher standard for contamination of waterways, land, and oceans than businesses currently are. Budget cuts to pay for cleanup must be imposed. EPA must be delegated to do what they were created to do. To determine what environmental damage exists, and to determine what must be done to mitigate contaminations, and to pay for their clean-up.

Right to bear arms – The conversation must begin about Constitutional carry. Ownership of weapons must be privacy protected. Arbitrary banning of weapon styles, magazine size, and ammunition must stop. Arbitrary bans must be rolled back. There should be no new regulations imposed on law abiding Citizens.

Taxes – The current system of filing taxes must be streamlined. Loopholes for individuals, as well as large and small businesses must be tightened to very few, and their base tax rate must be lowered to a competitive rate with the rest of the world. The IRS must be down-sized to do what they were originally intended to do. Just do the paperwork that is sent in, and do the math. Enforcement must be done by the justice department.