2015 Adams County School District Candidates

The Broomfield County Republicans are proud to support the following Adams County School Board candidates in the 2015 Elections. 

Please cast your vote for the following candidates by November 3rd, 2015.


Norm Jennings, District 1 (incumbent)

Website – www.norm4adams12.org, Facebook – Norm Jennings’ Campaign

Norm Jennings has served as your Vice-President on the Board for almost 4 years.  He has performed school improvement reviews in over 20 schools.  Norm has over 15 years of volunteer service to the district in school accountability, accreditation processes, budget reviews, and serving on the Board.

“My primary goal for Adams 12 is that we will become so good that private schools will worry about losing students to us.  When we achieve that level of excellence we’ll be one of the best districts in the state and the nation.”


Lloyd (Daniel) Garcia -District 2

Website – Let’s Elect Garcia for Schoolboard, Facebook – LEGS

My name is Daniel Garcia. I am a Marine Corps veteran and a father of three. My daughter Kailey is in first grade at Westgate Community School and loves it. My son, Joel, is labeled “special needs” at Glacier Peak Elementary. I think it is important to take an active role in my kids’ education. I take that seriously. I help them with their homework, and I also show up to school board meetings. As they progress in their education, I would like to be a leader, voting for their best interest and that of their peers. I don’t represent any group other than the many kids in the school district.

I have a background in financial data analytics. I spent the past decade and a half assisting a telecommunications company with a history of success. I worked with contract negotiations, large business billing explanation, process improvements, license management and customer service. All of those skills will be necessary as a school board director. I love my family, this country and this state.


Jeff Jasica, District 5

Website – jeffjforadams12.org, Facebook – Jeff Jasica for Adams 12 School District

Jeff Jasica is running because he cares deeply about public education and wants to serve the District to ensure we have strong and successful schools.

“I will bring a balanced and objective perspective to the Board, as I have the benefit of seeing issues as a parent, a taxpayer, and a business-person. My first priority will be to do what’s right for our students and to provide each with valuable opportunities for success. I believe in effectively supporting our teachers and staff via effective use of our resources, listening to our parents, building strong ties into our local communities and businesses, and increasing accountability and transparency on the part of the District.”