February 24, 2014 – Primavera Carries Out Harmful Obama Agenda


Broomfield, CO – February 24, 2014. Dianne Primavera (D-Broomfield) voted to pass HB 1164, with other Colorado Democrats, promoting the reoccurrence of more inevitably disastrous elections similar to the Broomfield elections in November 2013. Primavera, a Representative from Broomfield, passed a bill that allows a voter registered in Colorado, to vote in any county. Giving the permission to vote in any county in Colorado encourages voter fraud and voting in multiple counties with virtually no way to prosecute those who break the law.

Representative Primavera voting yes on HB 1164 is another slap in the face to her constituents in Broomfield, adding insult to injury following Primavera’s yes vote on HB 1303 in 2013. Due to these laws, Broomfield is suffering the consequences in its elections, including the elections in November 2013 which will cost hundreds of thousands of tax payers’ dollars on voter integrity issues that still have not been resolved. Over one hundred ballots were “found” and are in question due to five pending lawsuits regarding the calamitous handling of the Q300 issue election. It is unclear why these ballots were set aside, but the fact is that this amount of uncounted ballots could have changed the outcome of the election. It seems that the turmoil caused by the November 2013 elections has no end in sight, and with the passage of HB 1164, many counties, including Broomfield, have been put at further huge risk of repeating similar circumstances.

With Dianne Primavera’s vote to pass 1164, it has become clear that the Representative is not thinking of her district or constituents, but rather of her party’s agenda. If Primavera was inclined to vote for what was best for her constituents, she would not have voted yes on 1164. In this case, strict party line voting has hurt the community of Broomfield and prolonged the possibility of closure in the November 2013 elections for Broomfield. Once again, Colorado Democrats have set the state’s elections up to keep them in office, not to side on the benefit of the people.

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Contact: Rick Fernandez, 303-929-1463

Chairman, Broomfield County Republicans


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