Broomfield County Republicans Stand with Legislators Voting Against Gun Control Laws


Broomfield County Republicans Stand with Legislators Voting Against Gun Control Laws

February 20, 2013 Denver, CO – On Monday, the Colorado State House passed HB-1224, HB-1226, HB-1228, and HB-1229.  These bills were crafted as a reaction to the tragic mass shooting events that have occurred in Colorado as well as across the United States. 

The House passed these bills, all of which hurt the freedoms of the citizens of Broomfield and ensured that a prominent local employer will be looking to move out of Colorado as a result.  Our duly elected Representative Dianne Primavera voted “yea” on all 4 of these bills.

While the emotions and passion behind this reaction is understandable, the results of these bills are far more dangerous than enforcing the existing laws of the land.  The results are in fact this – the Colorado Legislature has decided, on the behalf of all Coloradoans, to exchange the freedom of the citizens of Broomfield to decide how they defend their families and property with a perception of increased safety through these bills.

This is a false premise. The reality is that these laws restrict the rights provided to all citizens under the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, and in no way deter those who choose to break the law, violate the rights of their victims, and commit these terrible acts of violence.

Another negative consequence of these bills will be felt by many families in Broomfield impacted by the decision of local companies to leave Colorado due to these restrictive laws.  Erie based Magpul Industries has indicate that they will leave Colorado, taking with them nearly 800 jobs.  This will hurt the local economy and re-enforce the perception that Colorado is not a pro-business, pro-growth state.

In stark contrast to these anti-freedom and anti-business positions, the Broomfield County Republicans stand with those legislators in the Colorado State House and Senate that oppose these laws and are making a stand for the freedoms and rights that we are truly entitled to in the United States.

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