Broomfield County Republicans elects brand new faces to party leadership


Broomfield County Republicans elects brand new faces to party leadership

February 7, 2012 Broomfield, CO – The Broomfield County Republican’s held their elections for the 2013-2015 leadership. The current officer team, led by longtime Chairman Erich Feigel, is stepping down after four very successful years that established a strong base and opened the party to new fresh faces.

Taking Feigel’s place is Broomfield native and longtime liberty grassroots activist, Rick Fernandez.  Rick grew up in Broomfield, graduating from Broomfield High School in 1991.  Rick attended the University of Colorado, where he graduated in 1995 and returned to his hometown of Broomfield to raise his family.

“Broomfield is a vibrant community built on the values of self-reliance and hard work, where every person has it in their own hands to pursue their life’s ambitions.  These are the same freedom-based values that the Broomfield County Republicans represent, and we are proud to continue to bring that positive message to Broomfield.” says Fernandez.

Rounding out the officer leadership is 1st Vice Chair Mike Shelton, Councilman from Ward 2, replacing David Pigott, candidate for HD33 in 2012..  Tim Ziegler, a chef and political consultant and volunteer, is 2nd Vice Chairman replacing Steve Larson.  And filling out the slate as Secretary is Kelly Lamb, a proud mother of three and active volunteer in the recent elections, replacing Sheryl Fernandez.

The committee also elected four bonus members – Tom Cave, David Pigott, Michele Haedrich, and David Jurcak.  Each of the bonus members are welcomed additions to the committee, bringing a wealth of experience and energy to the party.

Outgoing Chairman Erich Feigel wished the newly elected officers well in their leadership roles. “Our party relies almost entirely on dedicated volunteers who donate their time, treasure and energy Their continuing efforts are recognized and are greatly appreciated.”

New Chairman Rick Fernandez adds “I want to thank Erich Feigel and the outgoing officers for their leadership over the last 4 years.  They are leaving the Broomfield County Republican party in a much improved state from where it was.  We have some big shoes to fill, and we’ll work hard to build on the solid foundation that Erich and his team have put in place.”

To learn more about the Broomfield County Republicans, please visit the website at or contact Sheryl Fernandez at 303-859-1421 or email

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