Lincoln Dinner 2012 – Huge Success

FULL CL BRYANT SPEECH HEREIN. Our Lincoln Dinner held last night at the Chateaux was a rockin’ good time. We heard from Bob Beauprez who talked freedom and hard work. CL Bryant inspired us with stories and his awakening to the dangers of dependency and what it has done to the spirit of our American values. CL is a rousing and inspirational speaker and we were on our feet. YouTube video of CL’s speech:

CL Bryant at LD12

I thank everyone that helped put on this event — we are fired up to save this republic and win this election!

Erich Feigel, Chairman

I’ll have photos and a video on this site as soon as we process the media.

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  1. Tim Ziegler September 7, 2012 at 5:21 pm #


    It was an outstanding event last night. I was very impressed and proud to be a part of it. While I enjoyed and appreciated CL Bryant’s comments I was most impressed by the Priest who gave the invocation.

    “The democrats denied Christ three times in the vote at the Democrat National Convention.” Just as Peter denied Christ three times.”

    Great analysis. I would like to get an email so that I could pass that along.


    Tim Ziegler

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