Stay Vigilant!! – Lest We Forget –

UPDATED 11/09/2010: We sent a strong message, because you stayed mad, and we now have a chance to stop the socialist march. But, our newly elected leaders must perform. There can be no doubt in their minds as to what the message is: Stop the spending, lower taxes, we’ve had enough. Watch them carefully and let’s measure their performance.

Update 6/29/2010 – “Lest We Forget” was the name of an Algebra textbook I remember from High School. Constant reminders of what we learned yesterday cement the learning (I hated that book). I’ve left this post here because we need to remember what this administration and the congress did to this country with the Healthcare debacle. Unfortunately, the public has a short memory, so it is up to us to remind our friends and neighbors what awaits us as this government takeover of our Healthcare unfolds.

03/22/2010 – Last night was a spectacle that will live in my memory for a long time and in the history books of my children and grandchildren. This Congress, in the form of 219 people has foisted on the American people an insult to our founders. Not only will this take our country even more in the red than we already are, we have told the American people, in a big way, that personal responsibility is no longer required — nanny will care for you. In addition, we can only imagine the back room deals that were made to pass this monstrosity. In the coming days and months I am sure we’ll find out who was paid with our money. What would Thomas Jefferson think of the process that we witnessed last night? The people were not listened to; the arrogance was and is astounding.

So, I am sure you are very mad, I am! What we have to do is continue to work our plan to get Republicans elected at all levels of government and in November make a sea change to arrest this juggernaut. My advice is we re-double our efforts and above all STAY MAD until November 2nd. Don’t let down — I won’t!

Erich Feigel

About Broomfield GOP

Chairman of Broomfield County Republicans. (Colorado)


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